I am a web/iOS developer who loves all things development... and food. With everything I create, whether it's a website or dinner for friends, I focus on providing a quality product. As you've probably guessed, I love to cook. I consider it a hobby, and I'm always messing around in the kitchen. Aside from that, I'm currently 24 and live in the heart of Memphis, TN with my dog, Archer. I'm not going to bore you with things I like to do, but if you're interested in more, just give me a shout.

I originally went to Mississippi State University to study Civil Engineering. During my first semester, I took a 'Freshman Experience' class for iPhone programming. It sounded interesting so I decided to go for it. This was my first exposure to programming and I loved it. The teacher of this class was the director of the BIS program, so naturally, I changed my major to BIS. I enjoyed getting to learn about the financial/management/economics side of business while also getting to take many programming and technical classes.

So after that iPhone Programming class, I saved up my money and purchased a Macbook that next summer. I started to learn everything I could online for iOS development, and eventually I was able to put some of my apps on the Apple App Store. While my first few weren't the greatest, they were still great learning experiences. I do enjoy iOS development, but I also have a strong passion for web development. I do mostly web development in my current, professional job, but I also like to create sites for myself, such as this one you're on.